The outside world of Vietnam

As a child, I grew up in France. France is my home land, I was born there, I went to school there, I have my friends there, everything. Born and raised here, made in France and all… Though, a piece of my life’s puzzle was missing. 

I recently turned 18 y.o., it is the chance for me to leave and build my own life, my own person. My first choice was obviously Vietnam, land of my ancestors. I used to spend my summers in Vietnam, with my family.


When I landed from the plane, walked into the airport, I felt this warm weather hitting my bones again, the glaring light of the sun on my skin, and it felt so great to be back home. Vietnamese was the first language I was taught, hearing all the voices harmonizing in this language around me again sounded like a blessing.

I couldn’t be more grateful of life right now, being back here after years is such a chance. Being able to meet the sea, this sand, these roads again gave me life. As a child of both nations, people often ask me which side is the most important to me, or to which one I belong the most and I cannot really give an answer to that, to be fair. All I can say is that Vietnam is definitely the most likely to be my safe place, where I really feel myself. It always been the comforting place.

Coming back to Vietnam after 4 years was a big change and chance in my life. Things seem to be different after a while, and it’s the case somehow, in Vietnam. Nowadays, there’s more and more big towers, more shopping centers, more of European lifestyle… but deeply, Vietnam didn’t change much. It still the same old place where I adore to get lost, with wavering roads, the mix between tradition and modernity, blessed by the sun and warmth every single day.

I wanted to share more pictures on my blog, but unfortunately my SD card died in the process, causing lost of most of my files. Here are the only few pictures I was able to save, some of them are from my iPhone also. 

I’ll see you later, Vietnam.


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