Woops, you must be lost or are you really wanting to know who’s behind this blog?

credits : Alix Aubert

Mia, 18yo girl from France. Welcome to my garden. There’s nothing much to say about myself, if you are curious about me, I guess my posts will be more helpful through the process of an introduction.

This blog is like a garden. I will write about anything that I want to grow as an idea or as something I want to share. The blog is most likely built as a tree, with its branches :

_mind : what’s in my mind, news, updates, topic to think about

_body : anything related to well-being, beauty

_languages : the ways we communicate


Extra notes :

  • English isn’t my first language, it’s my third one. Learned it myself about three years ago. Two of my friends are helping me to correct my mistakes, so a special thanks to them!
  • I will try to post at least, once a week. I already had blogs before, and I know how I am : extremely random and messy. Though, this time I will try to be as regular as I can, it’s important for myself to maintain a self-discipline.
  • All pictures are mine, except if their credits are mentioned below (you can click on them to find the original author’s website). I take all of my pictures with either my Sony Alpha 5000 or my iPhone 7+.
  • This blog is protected by a copyright.